services_hvofHVOF is today’s standard for applying carbide and metals coatings. High velocity coatings process produces the highest quality carbide and metals coatings available in the industry today!

This process is characterized by near wrought densities and unsurpassed bond strengths, HVOF coatings withstand the most punishing thermal, abrasive and corrosive action in industrial applications. To accomplish these results, We utilize this technology to assure that each particle achieves full melt making this well suited for the most demanding wear. The high velocity discharge from the nozzle produces a very thin and evenly applied coating. In fact, the hardness, corrosion resistance, and overall wear resistance of the final coating are often superior to plasma spraying. With HVOF the gases go through a converging diverging nozzle, with gas velocities reaching a velocity near 8000 fps which is particularly crucial when applying tungsten carbide coatings. For more information regarding our HVOF application please contact us.